Your personal sales team,
completely automated
Automate your sales process with cold email, track delivery, and follow-up automation. Send personalized emails to your leads and get more responses.
10x your replies and revenue

Unlimited email accounts

Use many emails as you want

Infinite Scale

Capable of millions of emails per day

Automate Follow-ups

Automate your follow-ups

Email warmup

Keep your emails out of spam

Coming Soon

A/B test emails

Experiment with your emails


Track delivery, opens, clicks, and replies

How Salespack works
Connect unlimited email accounts (with warm-up included)
Use salespack warmup to increase deliverability
Automate emails and follow-ups
Salespack will send emails & follow-ups to your leads
Increase your replies and revenue
Track and analyze your replies and sales performance

Read your leads replies in an unified inbox
Use Case
Improve email delivery with unlimited warm up
Moving from a subdomain to a subdirectory has been proved to improve your domain authority and search traffic.

Salespack also auto generates a sitemap with all your subpaths.
Use Case
Schedule emails and followups
Salespack supports any websites that does not apply CORS restrictions.

Basically you can host all services that also offer custom domains.
Inbox with all your accounts
Salespack aggregates all your emails in one inbox you can easily monitor and reply to.

Manage all your leads in one place. Stop wasting times with IMAP clients you have to connect for every account.
Email Provider
Create email accounts with your domain directly inside Salespack
With Salespack you can create your email accounts without having to rely on Gmail, Outlook, etc.

You can connect your custom domain and have the best email settings to send cold email in no time


$ / mo
what's included
Unlimited email accounts
Priority Support
Email warmup
7 days free trial
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