How to create an email with custom domain for cold outreach

This guide will show you the cheapest and fastest way to create an email account with custom domain for cold outreach.
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There are many ways to create an email with a custom domains.
Many people use Google workspaces to host their emails, unfortunately if you use Google for your emails you will need to pay $5 for every email.
The easiest and cheapest way to create an email with custom domain is Salespack.

What is Salespack?

Salespack is a tool to automate your sales outreach process (automate emails and follow-ups).
Among other things it can create an email with a custom domain you can use to do cold outreach.

How to create the email account

  1. Sign up to Salespack
  1. Choose an org name
  1. Go to the emails tab
  1. Create new email with Salespack
  1. Choose your address
  1. Add the DNS records to your domain

DNS records

Salespack will ask you to add some DNS records to your domain.
These are essential to authenticate that you own the domain and can send emails with it.
The DNS records will also help you keep deliverability high with DKIM and DMARC.

Can i skip adding MX records

You can skip the MX records in case you are already using one with Gmail for example. Instead of adding the MX record you can connect another email to Salespack and add this email in the reply to field.

Why use Salespack?

  1. Salespack is built specifically to do cold outreach, it has many tools to help you automate your sales process
  1. Unified inbox, with Salespack you can create many email accounts and check your replies in one place
  1. Easy setup. Creating an email account takes 1 minute. All you need to do is choose an address and add the DNS records.
  1. Best deliverability. When you create an email with Salespack you will get DKIM, SPF and DMARC out of the box. Salespack also has an outbound spam filter to prevent spam from Salespack accounts and keep deliverability high.
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